The Agent class in Valhalla denotes a type of unit represented by members who act for, or in the place of, several organizations, and under their authority. Two agencies of Earth have been contracted in Valhalla, and one agency from Marr. A third agency has been referenced, but have not been summoned to field any units of the agent class, as they are only represented by the ninja class, and it is presumed all of them operate under that class instead of agent.

Agencies on Earth in Valhalla

Krav Maga

The Krav Maga is an organization that the Valkyrie Vydar envisioned through the wellsprings that come from Earth from the year 2210. It is suggested that this is a mercenary organization of sorts, as the agents hand-picked by Agent Carr were operating under various secret agencies before being summoned to Valhalla. 


Twilight Clan

The Twilight Clan is another organization, suggestively criminal, that are opposed to Agent Carr and his Krav Maga teachings. 

Agencies on Marr in Valhalla


Agents fulfill many roles on futuristic earth. Some are spies, others are guards, and others act as undercover law enforcement. Though their missions and skills and widely varied, all share several things in common. Usually their work is dangerous, secretive, and important. Agents are well-trained in the use of all guns, mainly hand-guns and easily-concealed weapons. In addition, they are masters of martial arts combat, and even without any weapon, they are lethal killers. It is nearly impossible to take one by surprise, to escape once one is on your trail, to best one in hand-to-hand combat or a gun duel. They are the best of the best, living constantly on the edge, their senses and muscles honed to an extra-fine level of perfection. Not only are they well trained, they have the finest equipment the government can supply them with--high-tech gadgets and tools that many ordinary citizens have not even dreamt of. Daily they go about their work, in the shadows, fulfilling vital missions in almost complete secrecy, going places and doing things beyond the imaginable. They are the silent superheroes (or supervillains, as the case may be) of their day and age.

Agents Summoned to Valhalla



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