An air elemental is a being made up of wind and living air. It appears as a cyclone of air that moves in any direction, even against the wind when enraged. Air elementals are always flying, an expression of freedom that they enjoy to its fullest. They attack targets from the air, detesting touching the ground even for the slightest moment.


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Point Value: 30


  • Swirling Vortex:
    When an opponent's small or medium figure moves onto a space within 2 clear sight spaces of an Air Elemental you control, that figure must end its move there. Figures can never move through any figure affected by Swirling Vortex.
  • Air Mastery:
    Figures that have the Flying or Stealth Flying special power subtract 1 from their defense dice when attacked by an Air Elemental.
  • Stealth Flying:
    When counting spaces for an Air Elemental’s movement, ignore elevations. An Air Elemental may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When an Air Elemental starts to fly, if it is engaged it will not take any leaving engagement attacks.


As a medium hero with a relentless personality, Air Elementals may benefit from the Death Knights of Valkrill's Unholy Bonding ability.

Having a relentless personality, they may benefit from Khosumet the Darklord's Relentless Assault ability.

Being an medium elemental, Air Elementals may benefit from Kurrok the Elementalist's Summon Elemental ability.

Being a medium elemental, the Air Elemental may benefit from Kurrok the Elementalist's Master of the Elements ability.


250px-Air elemental

This figure is like an anti-aircraft gun and is useful to defend castles against flyers such as Dragons, and many other figures that fly. It can stops small or medium figures in their tracks, leaving them sitting ducks, then finishes them off. This does not mean figures can never move adjacent to it, it just means they will have to move only one space per turn as long as they are within two spaces of it. In effect, it creates a little circle of water as far as movement is concerned. Like all Common Heroes , its biggest weakness is that it only has a life of one and therefore cannot afford any mistakes when rolling for defense.