There is an old Scottish saying: 'The swifter the storm the stronger it is.'

When Jandar found Alastair running to the front of the battle lines, he knew this was one of the most adventurous warriors he had ever seen. It is said that Alastair can run all day without tiring; but his wounds on that day were too severe, so Jandar took him to Valhalla. Kelda healed his wounds. Now Alastair and his Claymore fight in Valhalla.

As a boy of 12, he fought alongside his father against Edward the II. As a man, he continued to fight for Scottish independence. The clan MacDirk has always had the fiercest soldiers in the highlands of Scotland, and Alastair is one of their finest.


  • Life: 6
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 3
  • Point Value: 110


  • Overextend Attack:
    After taking a turn with Alastair MacDirk, you may place a wound marker on Alastair MacDirk and take another turn with him.  You may only use this power once during a round.


  • Knights of Weston/MacDirk Warriors: Human Champion Bonding
    As a Human Champion, Alastair MacDirk may benefit from Knights of Weston and MacDirk Warriors Human Champion Bonding ability.
  • MacDirk Warriors: Highland Fury
    As a Human Champion, Alastair MacDirk may be chosen as the MacDirk Warriors' Chosen Human Champion.
  • 4th Massachusetts Line: Valiant Army Defense Bonus
    Having a "Valiant" personality, Alastair MacDirk is compatible with the 4th Massachusetts Line's Valiant Army Defense Bonus.


Alastair's "Overextend Attack" ability, plus his six(6) life make him the perfected champion for the MacDirk Highlanders. His six(6) life allows for the maximum attack boost of five(5) for their Highland Fury while his "Overextend Attack" ability allows him to wound himself - thus augmenting the MacDirk Warriors even if he hasn't been wounded in battle. Alastair is not a front-line fighter. After taking sufficient damage, he should be moved to the rear of the army and allow the MacDirk Warriors to take on the fight by themselves.

What most people don't realize is that Alastair's power can only be used once per round and NOT once per turn. In Heroscape, every three turns is a round and Alastair's ability can only be used once during a round.


  • Alastair might have been inspired by the old Scottish folk hero, William Wallace.