"Once before in the days of my youth, I traveled here to this beautiful place. The land was green and lush. Scattered across Anund were quaint little villages filled with stunning homes built right into their surroundings. Hills and trees were left where they were, and the towns were adapted to fit nature's architecture...where a proud gathering of buildings once stood, now only a husk of a town remains, a barren shell lacking what makes a town a town – people. They had been abandoned for some time, and were in a state of decay. The homes were overgrown and crumbling; no life remained there."

Anund is the province on the eastern regions of Valhalla, bordering Ostriyick, Ekstrom and Upper Bleakwoode. This province is under the leadership of Vydar, but is abandoned by most of its inhabitants, as the water source for this country is vile and tainted by the presence of the Marro. All of the villagers have abandoned Vydar's protective reach and have taken refuge in the South of Kinsland. This region is where Vydar's Montfre Manor resides, and holds the secrets to his success at keeping the Marro and Orcs at bay.

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