Aquilla is the new sixth Valkyrie general. Not much is known of her, as she has only just joined the fight during the Swarm of the Marro. Apparently a young priestess in the tribe of the Moon Kyrie, she discovered a wellspring deep in the Ticalla Jungle, she drank from the wellspring, inadvertently becoming the sixth Valkyrie. Her tribe inhabits the Ticalla Jungle and are attempting to fend off and end the contamination the Marro are causing in the rainforests and swamps. She is currently allied with Jandar, Ullar, Vydar and Einar, against Utgar. Her army is currently made up of spiders, an enlarged burrfly (a Valhallah jungle insect), dwarves, the Mohican Indian tribe, Quastach Hunters and Granite Guardians. Aquilla has the least amount of heroes of any of the Generals, having only three of them. A fourth hero, a monk master (a promo figure) is also added.

Aquilla's Army


Fighters: The Axegrinders of Burning Forge

Leader: Migol Ironwill


Scouts: Fyorlag Spiders


Predator: Sujoah


Scouts: Mohican River Tribe

Tribesman: Brave Arrow

Monk: Master Win Chiu Woo (Promo Figure)


Hunters: Quasatch Hunters


Guards: Granite Guardians

D&D Heroscape

The Subtheme D&D also released some figures with Aquilla cards, however these figures are considered part of the D&D Subtheme line and are not considered to be part of Aquilla's official Classic Heroscape army.

Dwarves (D&D)

Rogue: Darrak Ambershard

Warlord: Mogrimm Forgehammer

Dragons (D&D)

Wyrmlings: Blue Wyrmling


Paladin: Rhogar Dragonspine


Constructs: Water Elemental


Predators: Wyvern

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