Aquilla's Alliance was the third Giant Wave, released June 13th, 2008. It contained 5 figures which were larger than the average set figure. Jandar received 1 new hero; Ullar received no new units; Vydar received no new units; Einar recevied 2 heroes; Aquilla received 1 hero; Utgar received 1 hero.


Heroes of the Quagmire

Cripple your opponents with these Heroes!
With his coil crush attack ability, the Hivelord, Wo-Sa-Ga can inflict damage to his opponents. Gurei-Oni can attack two figure with his Tetsubo special attack. Zetacron's deadly shot can add an additional hit for every skull rolled, while Zelrig's majestic fires will wreak havoc on common squad figures. Sujoah loyally defends the beautiful Priestess of the Moon to his last breath. [1]

Note: Although her card refers to Wo-Sa-Ga as a female, the back of the box refers to this Hivelord as a male.


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