The Archkyrie are the leaders of the provinces that make up Valhalla's continents. The Archkyrie also have some sort of council, where the discovery of the wellsprings was discussed. The Archkyrie now have little influence in the present situation of the Rise of the Valkyrie and the Swarm of the Marro, only the Valkyrie Generals hold a swaying influence in the war that is destroying their planet's tranquility. It is implied in lore that in the past Archkyrie were on unfriendly terms and would wage war on one another to conquer territory, as with the case with Archkyrie Navess and Migol II.

The Archkyrie identified are:

Jandar: A Valkyrie and the Archkyrie of Nastralund and leader of the army that seeks to undo the wellsprings' hold over Valhalla's citizens and rid the planet of the universe's filth.

Einar: The imperial Valkyrie/Archkyrie of Lindesfarme, and leader of the imperial army made up of mostly humans from Earth's imperial stages. Had sided with Utgar but seeks to assist Jandar's noble effort

Ullar: The Valkyrie/Archkyrie of Ekstrom and family friend to Jandar. He was automatically convinced that Utgar must be immediately stopped. His main focus is on drawing out the elves of Feylund to help Jandar in the war.

Vydar: The Valkyrie/Archkyrie of Anund. He was the most reluctant of the six known Valkyrie but gave in to serve his own motives of wiping out the Marro off his water source and bringing his people back from Kinsland where they fled.

Navess: The Archkyrie of Ostriyick that was conquered by Migol II in times before the Rise of the Valkyrie. Said to have fought against troll raiding parties in the Trollsford Swamps, another Cross-Planet Reference present in Heroscape Lore.

Migol II: The Archkyrie of Upper Bleakwoode and Lur. He was around 200 years before the Rise of the Valkyrie and his tomb was erected by his son in Barrenspur.

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