The battle of Stechavan was a battle that took place between the recently allied forces of Ullar and Jandar against a horde of troops from Utgar's dark armies.


The allied forces fighting for the anti-Utgarian cause station a decent military force in the mountain range area of Stechavan, as reports reveal that a large wave of Orc warriors and Minions of Utgar are marching toward Nastralund in an attempt to take the grand city of Valgrind. The garrison at Stechavan was the last line of defense, for if Valgrind fell to the enemy, the war itself would be over and Utgar would rule Valhalla.

The Battle

Vastly outnumbered, Sgt. Drake Alexander, pleased at the arrival of reinforcements composed of the Templar Cavalry led by Sir Dupuis, devised a brilliant strategy that would wipe out Utgar's advancing forces. He assigned the Viking brothers Thorgrim the Viking Champion and Finn the Viking Champion to lead an attack group of men consisting of Tarn Viking Warriors into battle against the overwhelming opposing army as a surprise attack and a decoy. The strike at first caught the enemy off-guard, but as the Utgarians regroup, the Viking men immediately pull back to the end of the surrounding mountain ranges. As the enemy army nears, their Arrow Gruts firing rapidly, Saylind the Kyrie Warrior flies over the mountain, and a swarm of Jandar's Sentinels, 48 in total, follow behind her in the sky. However, Utgar's men howl with laughter at the sight of this tiny coalition of foes, but their chuckles are soon turned into yelps as hundreds of Venoc Vipers and a battalion of Templar Knights charge from over the mountain-side, sweeping through the Orc ranks. Jotun storms as well, knocking away dozens of Orcs just from the rupture in the ground caused by his heavy feet. The onslaught lasts for only several minutes, and only Krug escapes from the allied attack.


Rumors generate after the battle that Utgar himself is stationed at a camp not far away with his troops, and so Alexander leads a squad in an attempt to take down their great nemesis.

Jandar & Ullar's Team

Sgt. Drake Alexander (Rise of the Valkyrie)

Saylind the Kyrie Warrior

Thorgrim the Viking Champion

Finn the Viking Champion

Sir Dupuis


Tarn Viking Warriors

Templar Cavalry

Sentinels of Jandar

Venoc Vipers

Utgar's Team


Minions of Utgar

Swog Riders (Possibly)

Arrow Gruts

Blade Gruts (Possibly)

Heavy Gruts (Possibly)


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