Blackmoon Siege (Wave 9) was released June 2009. Each pack contained figures but no terrain. Jandar received 1 new hero and 1 new squad; Ullar received 1 new hero and 1 new squad; Vydar received no new units; Einar recevied no new heroes and 1 new squad; Aquilla received 2 new heroes and 3 new squads; Utgar received 1 new hero and 1 new squad.


Heroes of the Moon Tribe:

Bold and brave, strong and true!
Migol Ironwill swings his dwarven war hammer with earth-shattering might. Brave Arrow of the Mohicans stealthily tracks down his foes. Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior soars high and carries the deadly Bolt of Witherwood. Kumiko, trained in the lethal art of ninjutsu, savages enemies with a barrage of flurrying blows. Marro overlord Tul-Bak-Ra uses his advanced alien powers to teleport himself - and his troops - across the battlefield. With such as these are your side, you cannot - will not - fail! [1]

Dwarves and Repulsors:

Small but mighty!
Stout and fearless, no oppenent, big or small can intimidate The Axegrinders of Burning Forge and calculating, they sweep over the battlefield alongside their dwarven commanders and lay waste to all manner of beasts and villains.
Only the Soulborg can defeat the Soulborg. Therein lies the power of the Omnicron Repulsors. With Repulsors on your side, you will overload and shut down your oppenents' Soulborg traitors.[2]

Braves and Brawlers:

A craving for the battlefield courses through their veins!
The Mohican River Tribe lie in wait, blind in with their surroundings, and pick off their apporaching enemies with pinooint accuracy. But face to face, they truely come alive, fighting with furious might.
The Capuan Gladiators are ready to charge forward at their leader's side to land the first blow in any battle.[3]

Dividers and Defenders:

Divide and Conquer!
The ranks of your Marro Dividers are seemingly endless. Your opponents try to cut them down, only to see them duplicate and come back stronger then ever! Ullar's elite Protectors are masters of teamwork. They patrol the skies and strike fear in even the most powerful of heroes with focused attacks from lethal crossbows. [4]


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