Brutes are strong and tough but not too smart. They think that violence and force are the solution to most problems. Although this is not always the case, it is often quite effective in battle, and they smash aside resistance, not concerned with the finer points of fighting and tactics. They are not stupid, but tend to be impatient and not able to see far ahead or comprehend the use of strategy which involves stealth, a lot of "needless" movement and repositioning of troops, and waiting. They would rather rush to the fight and get stuck in as soon as possible, barging their way to where the fighting is fiercest, and once engaged, fight all the harder, often entering a frenzied rampage through the enemy forces. As such, they are best used as shock troops or deployed in the thickest of the fighting, where they are undeniably effective at holding the line or driving into the enemy. Although their dumb rage and brute force can work against them, allowing wise, skilled, or quick enemies to gain the upper hand, brutes are tenacious fighters and will go down fighting or not at all.

Brutes in Valhalla

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