Unit Statistics is a term that refers to the 6 numerical values found on the bottom right hand side of every Heroscape Army Card that determines the normal abilities and lasting power of a unit outside of any bonuses or advantages. These 6 values are Life, Move, Range, Attack, Defense, and Point Value. Every statistic plays an important role in the drafting and deployment of a character, and the first 5 values determines the cost, or the Point Value of the unit (also including special powers and abilities). Life value is the number of hits a unit can take before it is removed from the battlefield. Move is the number of spaces a unit can move in any direction within line of sight. Range is the number of spaces a unit can "see" to hit with a weapon, and this number usually doesn't pass 1 unless the unit is armed with a ranged weapon such as a musket or a bow. Attack is the number of red-colored or white-colored dice a unit rolls when it declares an attack, and Defense is the number of blue-colored or white-colored dice a unit rolls when it is defending against a normal or a special attack. The Point Value is the cost of the unit to draft it in an army, (Point limits are determined by players), and at the end of the last round determined by the players, the Point Value added up for each surviving unit is used to determine the winner. 

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