Like Unique Heroes, Common Heroes are one figure cards, however, unlike Unique Heroes, you may have more then one Common Hero of the same type. Matching Common Hero cards can be stacked one on top of the other, with Order Markers placed on the top most card. When taking a turn with Common Heroes you may then use ANY Common Hero matching that card. Many Common Heroes have amongst the lowest point cost of all hero cards in the game, a mere 25 points. However, just like Squad Cards, Common Heroes have one life point, so they are very fragile.

Common Heroes

Jandar's Common Heroes

Ullar's Common Heroes

  • (Ullar has no Common Heroes.)

Vydar's Common Heroes

Einar's Common Heroes

Aquilla's Common Heroes

Utgar's Common Heroes

Valkrill's Common Heroes

  • (Valkrill has no Common Heroes in Heroscape.)

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