The forces of evil are often personified in a "Dark Lord". He (or she) is often depicted as a diabolical force, and may be more a force than a personality. The effects of his or her rule often assert malign effects on the land as well as its subjects. Besides usual magical abilities, the Dark Lord often controls great armies and can be portrayed as possessing devil-like qualities. A Dark Lord is usually depicted as the ultimate personification of evil, often committing atrocities that make common people afraid to speak their very names.

On Feylund, the wolves are led by Darklords, powerful wolf lords of darkness, "appointed to rule over the night".

Darklords Summoned to Valhalla

Figures with Darklord Synergy/Attacks

  • Wolves of Badru: Darklord Bonding: Before taking a turn with Wolves of Badru, you may first take a turn with any Darklord you control.

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