Destructible Objects are fixed objects on the battlefield that can be in some way attacked, changed or removed by another figure. No one owns these objects and their card is separate from all armies. Only 2 official Destructible Objects exist.

A Destructible Object obeys the following rules:

  • It cannot be "destroyed", it can be removed when it's life reaches zero(0), but instant-kill abilities will not work, such as Sudema or Braxas.
  • These objects have no size, and cannot be affected by abilities that target size-specific figures, such as Major X17 or Me-Burq-Sa.
  • Attacks/Abilities that target adjacent figures can affect figures behind Destructible Objects. For example, Deathwalker 9000's explosion attack can target the door and all figures adjacent to the object. If the ability targets a figure adjacent to the door, the door is also considered an adjacent figure and if allowed, is also affected.
  • Destructable Objects block adjacency and line of sight.
  • Attack/Defense advantages (Ex. Height Advantage) still apply.
  • Automatic shields for destructable objects are negated by figures attacking with the "Big S" Super Strength ability (Marvel only)

Existing Destructible Objects are:

Fortress Door

Breakable Wall Section

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