The Dire Stone is an unknown item of power present on the planet Feylund and was the source of the conflict between the elves and the wolvesIt is described as an item that holds the fate of all Feylund in the hands of its possessor. Kyntela Gwyn was the last known holder of the Dire Stone and was transporting it on Theracus before he was brutally pulled out of the sky from leaping Anubian Wolves. Nothing is known about the fate of the stone aside from the comment that it has been left to evil. This may imply that the wolves have a greater presence in Feylund than that of the elves, and great changes are taking place due to Valhalla's interference. However, the last known possessor of the stone and the major contenders for its protection or abuse of power have all been summoned to Valhalla, and there is no information regarding the events that take place due to its loss, Its protection is described to be of extreme importance to the Order of the Crimson Sigil, who put the protection of the stone before the concern of the princess who held it.



  • "The Dire Stone is slipping from the grasp of the elves" 
  • "Chardris...vanishes from the world of Feylund, leaving behind a great power in evil's grasp"


  • "The stone is in peril! Take action brothers." 


  • "the princess Kyntela...carries the Dire Stone and the wolves are on the hunt."


From Latin dirus "fearful, awful, boding ill", cognate with Greek deinos (root word for the first word in dinosaur)

The Dire Wolf is an extinct member of the wolf species and is a common high fantasy trope in series such as Game of Thrones and Golden Sun. This may be the inspiration of the name since Feylund is the source of most high fantasy themed units summoned to Valhalla.

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