Dividers are a Caste of lesser Marro fighters, mid-rank among the five fighting castes. Stingers and Warriors rank above them, while Grok Riders and Drudge are below them. This does not mean much, however, since in Marro society, all the fighting castes are about equivilent in social status, serving merely as troops and mindless servants. The Dividers, together with the Stingers, form the bulk of the offensive Marro army. The Drudge, while as numerous, serve primarily as defensive forces, guarding the swamps that the Marro call home, and more importantly, the Hives within those swamps. The Warriors are rare elite guards; the Grok Riders are usually the field guard of the Warlords, and scouts and fast attack whenever they are not serving in this capacity. This leaves the bulk of the attacking to the Dividers and Stingers. While Stingers are powerful ranged units, they have a tendency to overstrain themselves and provide too much of their lifeforce to power their weapons, killing themselves. The Marro ran no such risk with the Dividers. They are melee units, pure and simple, with talon-like slashing claws extending from both hands and armor sprouting from their bodies. Metallic ores are fused with their genetic code to provide them with this equipment as part of their physical structure. They are ferocious in combat, slashing and gutting the foe and keeping them occupied while the Stingers rain death on the enemy from a distance. To increase their survivability in combat, they have been genetically engineered with the ability to clone, to a limited degree. Unlike the rare Marro Warriors, who can clone at will, the Dividers can absorb battle damage that would otherwise destroy them by parting under the blow, each half forming a new whole. However, this is difficult to achieve, and like an earthworm, the division must be in the right place so that each half of the Divider will have enough genetic information to regrow its other half. Nonetheless, this is a terrifying ability and makes the Dividers hard to destroy in battle.

Dividers Summoned to Valhalla

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