Slow and stubborn, and powerfully strong, Earth Elementals are creature made of living stone. When they do not move, they appear as nothing more than a heap of rocks and earth. The eyes of an earth elemental are often made of gemstones that burn with the fury of the elemental’s spirit.


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 4
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 4
  • Defense: 4
  • Point Value: 35


Earth Elemental

Earth Slam Special Attack: Range 1 Attack 3
Any non-flying figures adjacent to this Earth Elemental are affected by Earth Slam Special Attack. Roll attack dice once for all affected figures. Each figure rolls defense separately.

Underground Movement:
Instead of moving normally with an Earth Elemental, you may immediately place it on any empty non-water space that is within 4 spaces of that Earth Elemental and is no higher than 1 level above that Earth Elemental's height or 3 levels below that Earth Elemental's base. If an Earth Elemental is engaged when it starts its Underground Movement, it will take any leaving engagement attacks.


Being a medium elemental, Earth Elementals may benefit from Kurrok the Elementalist's Summon Elemental ability.

Being a medium elemental, the Earth Elemental may benefit from Kurrok the Elementalist's Master of the Elements ability.


There are map specific figures, such as the Deepwyrm Drow or Mika Connour. Then there is the Earth Elemental. It is an earth-specific unit. Basically any map that's semi-flat and non-water prevalent it is an amazing filler unit, because it can move underground while ignoring elevation, and attack all figures next to it. True, not as powerful as some, but for 35 points, it has its uses. If your opponent is using weak squad heavy armies: Greenscale Warriors or Goblin Cutters this figure can act as a deterrent.

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