The world of Toril occupies a special place at the center of the universe. It's the middle ground where the conflicts of gods play out through their servants. This makes Toril the crux of several alternate dimensions known as planes of existence. Of these planes, there are several that make up the spatial region referred to as the Inner Planes: realms born of fire, water, earth, and air.

The outermost regions of these inner planes are home to spirits barely recognizable by form but typify the nature and content of their home realities. These are known as elementals. Made wholly of a singular raw material element, these entities represent their planes wherever they are found.

The Valkyrie summoned the elementals to Valhalla from Toril, drawing them from where they were originally on the planet by accident due to a space opening into their home planes, or having been left behind by the work of magic after they fulfilled their terms of service. Out of these summonings, only Jandar decided to summon two, specifically an entity of the Frostfell.

Only Kurrok the Elementalist can summon the elementals at a whim through his own magic not tied to that of the wellsprings, a secret he uses in service to the Valkyrie General Utgar, giving the villain the upper hand with an army of varied elementals should he need the use of it.

Elementals Summoned to Valhalla





Synergy with Elementals

Kurrok the Elementalist:

  • Summon Elemental : Medium and Small Elementals
  • Master of the Elements :

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