• Life: 6
  • Move: 6
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 4
  • Points Value: 140


  • Thunder Ram Assault Special Attack: Range 1+ Special Attack 4. Choose a figure to attack. You may also choose up to two other figures within 2 clear sight spaces of the targeted figure to be affected by Thunder Ram Assault Special Attack. Roll attack dice once for all affected figures. Each figure rolls defense dice separately. You can only use Thunder Ram Assault Special Attack if Eltahale was not adjacent to the targeted figure at the start of this turn. You cannot use Thunder Ram Assault Special Attack if you used Thunder Step this turn.
  • Thunder Step: Instead of moving Eltahale normally, you may choose an opponent's figure within 5 clear sight spaces of Eltahale. Place Eltahale on any empty space adjacent to the chosen figure. For the duration of Eltahale's turn, add 1 to her Attack value. At the end of her turn, roll 1 attack die. If a skull is rolled, place 1 wound marker on Eltahale's Army Card. If Eltahale is engaged when she starts Thunder Step, she will not take any leaving engagement attacks.


Eltahale has multiple uses. Using her thunder step she can bounce around the board like a pinball of death, or using her thunder ram she can be the bane of middle to low-class squads. Like Moltenclaw she is the bane of weak figures but has better base stats. Her Thunder Step is unique to her and can be used to up her chances of smashing good figures like Shurrak. The problem is she only gets 6 attack dice once. But using the pinball strategy she can run an offensive against two separate heroes at the same time, giving her 6 attack on a regular basis, and, if need be, bounce off of a squad figure just to keep the pinball rolling. As evidenced by her 4 defense, she is not a figure to sit in one place and duke it out. Just keep her moving and you're good. Though, seeing as Thunder Step has a 50% chance of giving a wound, draft a healer and bounce back to it once in a while.

16 Eltahale