Estivara is the latest Drow summoned by Utgar. She’s a tricky Arachnomancer with an unusual love of spiders. She can project spider-like venom in a magical attack, which can potentially kill even the heartiest of heroes outright. Arachnids always fight with more vigor if near Estivara, who can use her powers over darkness to obscure her image from afar, preventing archers from attacking her.


  • Life: 4
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Points: 80


  • Venom Ray Special Attack:Range 5 Attack 3.
    If Estivara inflicts at least 1 wound with Venom Ray Special Attack, roll the 20-sided die for Venom Damage. If you roll a 1-9, the defending figure receives no additional wounds for Venom Damage. If you roll a 10-19, add 1 additional wound marker to the defending figure's Army Card and roll again for Venom Damage. If you roll a 20, destroy the defending figure.
  • Lolth's Judgment Aura:
    All Arachnid figures you control within 6 clear sight spaces of Estivara roll 1 additional attack die when attacking normally.
  • Cloud of Darkness:
    After taking a turn with Estivara, you may roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 16 or higher, while she remains on that space, Estivara has no visible Hit Zone until the next time you reveal an order marker.


  • As a hero of Utgar, Estivara may benefit from Ornak's Red Flag of Fury ability.
  • Lolth's Judgment Aura the Fyorlag Spiders may receive an attack bonus from Estivara.
  • As a Drow, Estivara may be used for Pelloth's Lolth's Wrath special attack.
  • As she has a tricky personality, Otonashi may get a move bonus from Estivara.

Behind the Game

Estivara is an unusual card, falling into the ranks of Valguard and Master Win Chiu Woo, in that the only cards she enhances are those not in her own army. Only Aquilla's spiders can use her Lolth's Judgment Aura ability.

  • Cloud of Darkness: If Estivara's Cloud of Darkness power has been activated she may not be targeted by any attacks or powers that require a visible hit zone. Adjacent figures do not require visible hit zones to attack one another. Non-Adjacent figures require visible hit zones to attack or special attack. Some abilities only require clear line of sight, however, like Sudema's Stare of Stone, and would therefore still be able to be used on Estivara.


Fyorlag Spiders are your friends. Guard her with them and make them fight harder. Also, the threat of an insta-kill is always something that will draw your opponent's attention. Place the "x" order marker on her, and occasionally put a numbered one there, to keep your opponent on their toes. Draw their fire and send in a power fighter in the meantime.

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