• Life: 5
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 4
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 3
  • Point Value: 110


Double Assault - When Evar Scarcarver attacks an adjacent figure or destructible object, he may attack one additional time.

Frost Rage - When revealing a numbered order marker on Evar Scarcarver's Army Card, you may also reveal an "X" order marker that is on Evar Scarcarver's Army Card to activate Frost Rage for the duration of the round. While Frost Rage is active, add 1 to Evar Scarcarver's Attack and Defense values for each wound marker on his Army Card.


Evar original

To play this figure right, you have to manage your order markers. The most obvious use is to use the 3 and X order markers. This works to give him a quick boost, but is very obvious after your second turn. An interesting substitute is to put the 2 and X on him, and put the 3 on a figure or squad you've been wanting to pull into the game. This figure is not a centerpiece of an army. He is a secondary figure. But like Deathwalker 7000 (from classic Heroscape) he can be used without being a filler unit to smash stuff into the pavement before going down. Think of him as a fusion of Krug and Shiori (also both from classic Heroscape). One has an attack to pound into the pavement, the other requires careful order marker management. If you can find a balance this figure is a powerhouse. Like Rhogar Dragonspine he is a very versatile figure who has no specific purpose and can be used for a variety of roles, but unlike Rhogar, he is solely offensive. But can be used as a front and center fighter to weaken figures and/or kill some of them or can be used as a follow up to finish off weakened heroes. But like Krug he takes a little while to warm up. A healer is always an option here. In recap, manage order markers and figure out if he's your lead or a follow up and he can be worth all of those 110 points.

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