There is no official bio released for this unit


  • Life: 4
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 4
  • Defense: 6
  • Point Value: 120


  • Hydra Heads:
    When this Fen Hydra attacks, it may attack up to 4 times. Reduce the number of times this Fen Hydra can attack by 1 for each wound marker on this Army Card.
  • Reach:
    If an opponent's figure is within 2 spaces of this Fen Hydra, and its base is no more than 3 levels above this Fen Hydra's height or 3 levels below this Fen Hyda's base, this Fen Hydra may add 1 to its Range when attacking that figure.
  • Slither:
    The Fen Hydra does not have to stop its movement when entering water spaces.


As a Uncommon hero (can receive all benefits of unique heroes) of Utgar, this figure may benefit from Ornak's Red Flag of Fury ability.


The ever-feared "Fen Hydra" is a fun unit to play. He has an average 4 life, good defence, and an average move of 5. This unit is a good Samurai-Killer being able to Reach and avoid counterstrike, as well as being useful against any figure with an engagement strike-type special. He can go head-to-head with units like the Ogre Warhulk or Charos , because at his strongest he is able to attack four times! He also works well against squads, being able to obliterate them in one to two turns. Pair him with a healer to get the most use out of this "Lawnmower of Death".

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