The Firbolg is a reclusive type of giant-kin that prefers to avoid contact with other sentient races. They are the most intelligent of the giant-kin. Amongst their own kind, they live in colonies, which are usually found in forests or caverns and watched by guard towers. Although they do farm, they prefer a more hunter-gatherer lifestyle, rather than the brigand/raider lifestyle of many other giants. The Firbolg species is most commonly found in the realms of Toril, where Einar summons them to utilize their hunter skills in securing his vantage points.

A firbolg is usually neutral in alignment, although they are seen as evil creatures by other giants.


Firbolgs resemble humans, and the males sport great thick beards. Their skin is pink, and their hair, though it comes in many colors, is usually either red or blonde.

Firbolgs see the wearing of armor as cowardly, and thus; do not wear armor.


Firbolgs primarily worship the goddess Hiatea. The firbolgs have rejected the ordning, the customary social order amongst giants and giant-kin, preferring to exercise free will and using a system called "the code". This was conceived thousands of years ago although its exact origins have been lost, and a written copy is usually required to be carried by all firbolgs, but the exact implementation varies from one community to the next. It promotes the idea that the society is the most important aspect and supercedes the individual. Actions are more important than relatives or heritage. If "the code" is breached, a firbolg might be enslaved in his own tribe, or banished completely, although transgressions are uncommon. The implications of "the code" mean that the firbolgs treat all intelligent creatures as equals, and do not have the same superior attitude that other giants and giant-kin display.

Firbolgs have a rough form of democracy known as "the cast". This involves summoning all the firbolgs in a tribe who then cast their vote on an issue by using a rune-engraved stone.

Because firbolgs believe that charity is a virtue, but believe that it is harmful that the recipient to know the identity of the provider, they appear to be reclusive amongst the other races, although they are very sociable with established friends. They are extremely honest and cannot lie without feeling physical discomfort, even if the lie is by omission.

Firbolgs live in settlements in remote hilly or forested areas and distrust any outsiders. They build wooden structures with thatched roofs with defensive towers.

Firbolgs Summoned to Valhalla

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