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Among Special Abilities, Flying is one of the most common in all of Heroscape.

Figures with the Flying ability may choose, before moving, to start flying, and while flying, figures move as normal, but ignore elevations and obstacles, as well as engagement with any figures they may pass over. If a figure begins flying while engaged, they automatically take all leaving engagement attacks even if they do not move away from these figures.

Stealth Flying combines the disengage ability with the flying power. Figures fly just like other Flying figures, but do NOT take leaving engagement attacks, so they can flee freely.

Figures with the Flying Ability

Marvel Heroscape

D&D Heroscape

Figures with Stealth Flying

Marvel Heroscape

D&D Heroscape

Figures with Anti-Flying Abilities

D&D Heroscape

  • Brandis Skyhunter: Skywatcher: If Brandis Skyhunter is attacking a non-adjacent figure that has the Flying or Stealth Flying special power, add 2 dice to Brandis Skyhunter's attack.
  • Air Elemental: Air Mastery: Figures that have the Flying or Stealth Flying special power subtract 1 from their defense dice when attacked by an Air Elemental.

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