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Fortress of The Archkyrie was the first and only Castle Wave ever sold (although some look upon it was part of the Terrain Wave), released August 2006. It contained tiles and castle pieces along with flag and a Fortress Door with Army Card. It is the only Heroscape set not to include figures.


The battle of all time just got even better. With tons of new terrain pieces, you can bring HeroScape gameplay to the next level and create even more versatile and flexible gameplay. Includes over 100 interlocking tiles, four ladders and the door to the Fortress of the Archkyrie. For use with the HeroScape Master Set, sold separately.


Fortress of the Archkyrie

  • 1 seven-hex castle floor tile
  • 1 nine-hex castle floor tile
  • 21 one-hex castle floor tiles
  • 4 castle wall base ends
  • 7 straight castle wall bases
  • 10 castle wall base corners
  • 4 castle wall ends
  • 7 straight castle walls
  • 10 castle wall corners
  • 1 archway
  • 50 battlements
  • 22 ladders
  • 1 Jandar Flag
  • 1 Fortress Door

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