Chapter 5: Aquilla's Alliance

(This text is originally found in Thormun's Journal, but has been inscribed by Sgt. Drake Alexander)

Journal Entry #46

Warm bath water washes away the long and tiresome journey. A white robe with golden trim is given to me to wear while my uniforms are washed and patched. I don’t recognize the food, but it doesn’t taste half bad and is a welcomed change from the dry trail rations.

These people just found us wandering the swamps, and yet we are treated here as guests of great honor…

From the view on the overhang the city looked small. Here on the ground the buildings tower upwards and the gaps between them form a maze of dirt paths. The steady sound of the falls, away in the distance, fills the air. All who pass us greet us by clasping their hands together and rocking them back and forth, a bright expression spread across their faces.

Our footsteps clatter on a stone floor and echo off of a vaulted ceiling. Like the outside of most of the buildings here the inside of this one is engraved with intricate designs, only these have been preserved from the wind and rain. The engravings stretch up from the floor to the ceiling. Panel by panel they appear to tell a story, the details of which I can’t make out on my own, and no explanation is offered.

We pass through an archway into a small alcove. The room is filled with kyrie but a tall and beautiful woman drowns out the presence of everyone else in the room. My eyes are fixated upon her. Her flawless skin is a deep red brown, like the other kyrie of the moon tribe. Her hair is long and black. Several ornamented braids of varying thickness hang alongside her silky smooth tresses.

She speaks. Her voice is high and clear like the ring of a bell. At first I don’t understand her words, but then I see Sonlen make a gesture with his hand and her words become clear.

“I am Aquilla, priestess of the Moon Tribe, partaker of the magic waters.” She pauses and looks directly into my eyes. “I have foreseen your return to the city, Thorian, you will restore us. With your blade you will drive back the plague of the fleshless-ones. Tonight we feast, tomorrow we fight!”

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