Class Unit Statistics
Class Name Frostrager
Point Value 110
Internal Class Synergy Frostrager Ranged Attack recieves benefits from Vydar's Range Enhancement Aura (Laglor)
# of Units Availiable 1
Personalities Availiable Reckless
Races Availiable Human
Location Eberron
Special Powers Frost Rage (Offense/Defense Enhancement), Two attacks in one turn, as long as one is adjacent.
  • Full value of this class unit comes from usage of the X order marker alongside any marker that activates this unit.
  • This class unit must be adjacent when attacking to activate the option of Double Assault. 
  • Recieving wounds enhances the effectiveness of the Frost Rage class ability. However, surrounding a Frostrager with enimies might kill him before the the class unit can fully be used. 
  • Double Assault can be used against two different figures. Only the first one has to be adjacent. 

The Frostrager class in Valhalla denotes a type of unit representing members of barbarian tribes of Eberron whose ferocity and rage impress and terrify even their fellow barbarians. Typically they are members of the tribes that inhabit the Frostfell, a region that lies at the northern extreme of the world, separated by the Bitter Sea from the continent of Khorvaire. Vydar is the only Valkyrie that has recieved visions of this class unit, this type represented by the character Evar Scarcarver . Considering his reclusive nature and hidden agenda, Vydar must have summoned Evar for the sake of maintaining his hold over his portion of the Underdark.

Frostragers are powerful and dangerous warriors believed by some to be gifted from (and others cursed by) the frost giant deity Thrym with an unstable but powerful supernatural battle rage. This terrible fury not only causes the frostrager to increase in size when he enters his battle rage, but infuses his fists and weapons with cold shards of ice. The Frost Rage allows this class unit to toss his ice shards as a ranged weapon in combat. . 

This class unit is restricted to unique heroes, and utilizes the X Order Marker, traditionally used to feign opponents into thinking the deployment of a particular character, but is only used as a decoy. The X Order Marker activates the class unit's powerful supernatural rage, increasing offensive and defensive capabilities in conjuction with the amount of damage recieved. In addition to that, this class unit has an opportunity to attack twice if his first attack is with an adjacent unit.

The only race that is proficient in this class present in Valhalla is human. However, on the world of Eberron, any race that is proficient in the barbarian class can represent the Frostrager type. 

Ex frostrager

Frostrager Class Units Summoned to Valhalla

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