Gladiators in Heroscape

Historically, gladiators were warriors sent to combat in a closed arena to fight to the death for the entertainment of others.

Within the Heroscape, gladiators are tough high powered melee units who follow Einar. Within the core gladiator army there exists Spartacus for boosting other units, Crixus for "tanking" heaving damage while returning with high powered attacks, Retiarius for undermining high defense units, and Capuans for bonding and initiative advantage.

Gladiators Summoned to Valhalla



Figures with Gladiator Synergy/Attacks

  • Spartacus: If all Order Markers for a round are placed on Gladiator Army Cards, and at least one Order Marker is placed on Spartacus, then all Gladiators you control (except Spartacus) become inspired. Inspired Gladiators add one to their Move number and add 1 extra attack die and defense die for the rest of the round.
  • Capuan Gladiators: Human Gladiator Bonding: Before taking a turn with the Capuan Gladiators, you may first take a turn with any Human Gladiator Hero you control.
    • Initiative Advantage: If all of your order markers are on Gladiator Army Cards, you may add 1 to your initiative roll for every order marker on the Capuan Gladiators' Army Card, up to a maximum of +3 for Initiative Advantage.

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