Grut is a primitive and savage planet utilized only by General Utgar for shock troops and as a substantial part of his army. It is also populated by a species used as orc mounts that are incredibly similar to the dinosaurs and post-Cretaceous megafauna.


The word grut has no specific etymology tied to the planet itself, however, the word itself is Proto-Germanic in origin, originating from the Proto-Indo-European verb "to rub or grind", tied to words such as grit and grout.


Grut's location and geographical information are non-existent, as it mostly is with planets tied solely to Utgar's visions.


The history of Grut is featured in minimalistic ways, usually through the personal history of the individuals that are drawn from it. For example, it explains that Grimnak was exiled from the planet, and that units such as Arrow Gruts and the Swog Rider are trained for extremely long periods of time.

Inclusion into the Heroscape continuity

The orcs were among the first of the non-Valhalla races to be summoned by the Valkyrie. Utgar is exclusively the only general to comprise his armies of the race native to this planet, and has summoned thousands of them to Valhalla.

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