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Welcome to HeroScape Wiki
This wiki is about the universe and gameplay of Heroscape, the turn based table top wargame that you create! It is awesome and fun for kids of all ages! Due to frequent vandalism and abuse, only users have permissions to edit. See here how you can contribute

For those of you new to the game, please come this way
457 articles since February, 2008

Spoilers: This wiki does not provide individual spoiler warnings. You should be aware of the possibility of encountering a spoiler at any time while browsing.

Dragons. Elves. Secret Agents. Vikings, Samurai, Giants, Wizards, Orcs, and a host of other powerful warriors from history, sci-fi and fantasy. Any of these Heroscape warriors may be summoned to Valhalla by you, to battle your adversaries. Choose them wisely, General - for they must have the power, and you must have the courage, command and strategy, to claim victory!

Featured article

General Aquilla

Aquilla is the new sixth Valkyrie General. Not much is known of her, as she has only just joined the fight during the Swarm of the Marro. Apparently a young priestess in the tribe of the Moon Kyrie, she discovered a wellspring deep in the Ticalla Jungle, she drank from the wellspring, inadvertently becoming the sixth Valkyrie General. Her tribe inhabits the Ticalla Jungle and are attempting to fend off and end the contamination the Marro are causing in the rainforests and swamps. She is currently allied with Jandar, Ullar, Vydar and Einar, against Utgar. (...more)

Featured Images

The Axegrinders of Burning Forge
Heroscape Dwarves

Blackmoon Siege
Heroes of the Moon Tribe


I am also going to start articles on units released as part of the heroscapers program Classic Custom Creators of Valhalla, or C3V, a Heroscapers forum community project of well-balanced, playtested, fully integratable customs that are being woven into the Heroscape storyline. There have already been 3 waves of releases out on these units, so any help would be appreciated. Please message on my talk page for any questions regarding the C3V units.

I don't feel that it's too much of a bother, or a problem, or a controversy, to publically state in the news section that there is no accurate basis to isolate the Heroscape that was released as D&D minis from the rest of the units introduced in the game. The D&D units were designed by members of a hard-working team that created the classic Heroscape for us, and did all they could to allow the mechanics of Heroscape to mesh well with pre-released units from another gameline. Segregating D&D from the rest of the units released discredits this design team. It discredits Chris Dupuis, who spent so much time working diligently with Wizards of the Coast to allow this game to continue as far as it did. It discredits Colby Dauch, who did all he could to design powers, and actually was the inventor of the X order marker power mechanic that exists on 2 of the 4 NEVER BEFORE RELEASED sculpts of characters from the D&D line. I could go on and on, but I really hope my point has been made known. So I publically declare, I am returning all D&D units to their original state as part of Heroscape, ridding all derogatory or negative statements about Wizards of the Coast and the units they worked so hard to give us, and will be keeping a very wary eye over changes. If anyone has any problems with this, take it to my talk page. And see if you can convince me otherwise that the decision to alienate the D&D units from the rest of Heroscape, despite the effort of work that was put into them to make them for us, is anything praiseworthy or noble of a community who supports this game and continues to keep it alive.

Looking over the Army Card pages, I'm noticing that we lack high resolution images of many of the cards, especially in D&D Heroscape. If anyone can find better, larger, clearer pictures of these card, or create some themselves and upload them on to the site, that would be a big help in making the wiki look better!

Army Card pages (TrueScape) have been completed now! Synergy and correct Bios and Stats has been added to all the pages - however there is still plenty of tweaking to be done! Strategies are still needed as well on many of the pages. Go Team HeroScape!

Display your Valkyrie Alliagance with one of our new userboxes! One for each General and even a Valkill one for D&D editors. On your profile type in two(2) "{" followed by "userbox:" and then the name of the General you wish to serve and end it with two(2) "}" no spaces between anything. To use the alternate userbox simply add a "2" after the General's name. Please pick only one. To see what the userboxes look like, check them out at the HeroScape Wiki:Community Portal!

I have big news for all HS fans and players, and it's all bad. Following the recent handover of Heroscape to WotC (whose reputation for ----ing things up is unmatched) WotC has officially announced that HEROSCAPE IS BEING DISCONTINUED BY WotC

Good news, the site content is back. Also, I am now an admin so I can deal with any page deletions or other site maintenance.

Wave D2 is on its way! As the new figures are revealed I will upload them for you guys. Hopefully you are all just as excited as I am to see all of the new figures. A quick note, wave D2 features a new figure base that is smaller and easier to use in other games.

Moltenclaw the Dragon invades Heroscape! Wave D3 has been announced on the ever-expanding and popular fan base, and includes many surprises for the universe of Heroscape, to include 4 all-new squads for the new evil general Valkrill. I will follow up on the website every preview Wednesday to update this database with the new units and their stats. Look up Moltenclaw's Invasion for a synopsis and all the links regarding the new set

Two pages were recently created by an unregistered contributor. The pages were both highly irrelevant, unnecessary, and likely intended as vandalism. Both have been marked for deletion. PLEASE do not vandalize this site, it is meant as a supplementary resource to players as well as for those new to the game. Doing so is rude and will not be stood for.

Factions of Heroscape/Released Heroscape Content

Valkyrie Generals

Jandar Jandar

Ullar Ullar

Vydar Vydar

Einar Einar

Aquilla Aquilla

Utgar Utgar

Valkrill smilie Valkrill

Sets and Expansions

Mini3 Master Sets

Mini2 Expansion Waves

Mini4 Large Expansions

Mini1 Special Sets

Games Using Heroscape Mechanics

Sets and Expansions
Mini5Heroscape Marvel

Dynamics of Heroscape

  • Species— All the races of Heroscape, humanoid and monstrous alike.

Looking for a figure? Figures by Category

Know your Terrain

Which Glyphs are which?

Synergy in Heroscape VISUALLY!

CURRENT WIKI STATUS Anselm Durante here. I have formally adopted this wiki and have begun to correct the error of segregating the waves released post-WoTC inheritance of the franchise. There is no official statement nor written record in the rule system or in any of the content released that waves D1-D3 was meant to be a separate part of the franchise. For those that believe so, believe in it as a personal opinion and much argument and attacks have ensued as a result.

Offical stance of this wiki as of 2/26/2016 All units released by Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast under the Heroscape franchise that has not been stated to be a separate game design and concept from original Heroscape content will still be considered as original Heroscape content.

Because there's different color order markers, or different color wound markers, or different terrain, or whatever other reason used to justify segregation, it will not be tolerated on this site. Any debate on the matter should be retained in the talk pages and forums.

Live chat and forums are active so feel free to start discussions and meet your fellow editors!

Helping out

To write a new article, just enter the title in the box below.


As the old administrators believed that all D&D units should remain separate from previous Heroscape units due to strong player opinion of such, there are multiple unneeded categories, articles, and statements made of pure opinionated content. If any user gets a chance and wishes to help out, please remove anything of opinionated bias. If you have questions, post the link of the article in question in the forums and I will see what I can do to help discern the opinion from the actual fact of the content of the game.

Info on Editing

Currently in the process of removing Dungeons and Dragons segregation from this site, that will be the main priorty. In a general sense of all edits, go ahead and check if there's a previous article existing before you go ahead and make one. We don't want multiple pages.

Categorize whatever you write or edit. It makes it easier to access and the site more complete in form.

With character articles use the standard character format. The cards can be found on as the official site is no longer active. For the main information put the character bio and then maybe a strategy or two with that character.

Also, try to keep opinions out of strategy sections, and be sure that you've actually tried out the figure. This is not theoryscape. For example, Deathwalker 7000 may appear to be deadly, but despite the incredibly low odds of failure, it often happens.

Not sure where to start?
Adding content
Talk and more...
  • Check out the community portal to see what the community is working on, to give feedback or just to say hi.

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