As the name implies, these are the masters of the Marro swarms. These powerful and intimidating warriors direct lesser Marro into battle, much like warlords of other races. Some possess the ability to enhance the powers of other Marro by their presence, others lead by sheer size and brutality. All are cruel, cunning, and deadly.

Hivelords in Valhalla

Figures with Hivelord Synergy/Attacks

  • Marrden Nagrubs: Hivelord Life Bonding: Before taking a turn with Marrden Nagrubs, you may first take a turn with any Hivelord you control. Before moving the chosen Hivelord, you may destroy one adjacent Marrden Nagrub you control. If you destroy a Marrden Nagrub with Hivelord Life Bonding, remove 1 wound marker from the chosen Hivelord's Army Card.

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