• Squad of: 3 Units
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 4
  • Defense: 4
  • Point Value: 75


  • Expendable Rabble
    If a Horned Skull Brute that you control is attacked with a normal attack against an opponent's figure and recieves 1 or more wounds, you may destroy a small Goblin figure that you control that is adjacent to that Horned Skull Brute to ignore any wounds that Horned Skull Brute just recieved.
    (Works only with the Goblin Cutters.)

Barge Into Battle
After moving and before attacking, if a Horned Skull Brute you control ends its movement unengaged, you may choose an engaged small or medium friendly squad figure within 3 clear sight spaces of that Horned Skull Brute whose base is no more than 2 levels higher or lower than the base of the Horned Skull Brute. You may switch that Horned Skull Brute with the chosen squad figure. Figures moved by Barge Into Battle never take any leaving engagement attacks.


Use these figures early, often, and in masses with the Goblin Cutters. Get them on a glyph surrounded by goblins, and he's going nowhere. Even without the goblins, 2 squads of these can decimate your opponent(s) start zone(s). 2 squads of these and 2 of goblins gives you a formidable combo. Back that up with some powerhouse range units, and there's your army.

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