Icarians come from the planet Icaria, the homeworld of the dreaded Dragons. It is a common practice among the Icarian Tribes to pay tribute to and even worship Dragons. Their exact appearance is unknown, as no figures of them were ever released, however from Zelrig's bio it is presumed that the Icarians are humanoid


Zelrig's bio describes the Icarians as having a strong dedication to loyalty and honor. In a world where Icarians are almost totally depended on the good-will and word of benevolent Dragons to protect them from predatory Dargons, honor and sacrifice are more than mere words and is often considered more important than life itself. Cowardice is not simply undesirable amongst Icarians, it is considered outright repulsive.

However Nilfheim's bio describes some Icarians who rebel against their race's servitude to and sometime even outright worship of Dragons. These Icarians form into cults, the most famous of which are the revered Nhah Scrih, a cult of Icarian Dragon-Slayers bent on the destruction of all dragon-kind. While these cultists fight for the freedom of their people from the tyranny of Dragons, so fanatical is their devotion that they no longer recognize good Dragons from evil Dragons, going so far as to even attempt to slay the benevolent Nilfheim.


Little is known of Icarian culture, the best known example comes from Zelrig's bio. Icarians are tribal, living in small isolated communities scattered throughout Icaria. This decentralization leads them to become easy prey of predatory Dragons such as Braxas and even so-called benevolent Dragons like Zelrig often demand tribute from tribes in exchanging for not destroying villages and protecting them from other Dragons. Since Icarians have no way of forcing the Dragons to uphold their end of the bargain, this has resulted in honor and oath-keeping being held sacred in Icarian culture.

Possible Physical Characteristics

Icarians are only described as being like "men" (humanoid). Therefore their true appearance is unknown. Icarians probably would stand on average between 6'2" and 6'8", commonly possessing a mass between 220 and 320 lbs.


No Icarian units were ever released for Heroscape before Wizards of the Coast took over. It is however, theorized that the Greenscale Warriors may be a homage to the Icarians, seeing as their only ability is based both around loyalty and Dragons.

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