Doctor Bruce Banner was a scientist working on the Gamma Bomb project. During a test, a teenage kid drove into the blast area on a dare, unaware that a test was in progress. Dr. Banner ran him to a trench in time to save him, but was himself hit by the blast. As a result, every time he becomes angered, his rage transforms his body into a gigantic green powerhouse of gamma energy controlled completely by rage, and the world trembles at the name of the Incredible Hulk! Ironically, the Hulk would rather have "puny humans" leave him alone then fight. He has fought enemies such as Abomination, the Leader, the Absorbing Man, and Juggernaut. He recently fought the new Red Hulk.

The Hulk is a powerhouse of raw destructive force. Not only is his base attack (6) huge, but he also gets more powerful every time he recieves a wound, up to a maximum of 5 additional attack.


  • Life: 8
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 6
  • Defense: 6
  • Points: 370


  • Rage Smash 5:
    When Incredible Hulk attacks using a normal attack, he receives one extra attack die for each Wound Marker he has, up to a maximum of 5 extra attack dice for Rage Smash.
  • Super Leap:
    Instead of his normal move, Incredible Hulk may Super Leap. Super Leap has a move of 10. When counting spaces for Hulk’s Super Leap movement, ignore elevations. Hulk may leap over water without stopping, leap over figures without becoming engaged, and leap over obstacles such as ruins. Hulk may not leap more than 50 levels up or down in a single leap. If Hulk is engaged when he starts to leap, he will take any leaving engagement attacks. Hulk rolls 3 less attack dice on any turn that he chooses to Super Leap.
  • Stomp Special Attack: Range 1. Attack 3.
    Any figure adjacent to Incredible Hulk is affected by the Stomp Special Attack. Roll 3 attack dice once for all affected figures. Each figure rolls defense separately. Hulk cannot attack using his Stomp Special Attack on the same turn he uses Super Leap.

(Super Strength):
Hulk is not affected by normal/major falls and negates automatic shields given to destructable objects. He is still affected by extreme falls.


With Rage Smash 5 giving this guy a maximum attack of eleven plus height, or the stomp special that obliterates squad figures, or the super leap that gets him most of the way across the board. The only strategy I can give for this "Hulk" is "Hulk mad. HULK SMASH!!!"

2 Incredible Hulk