Jandar is one of the original five Valkyrie Generals and the main protagonist in the storyline. He is Archkyrie of Nastralund, and close friend to the Ekstrom royal family, and one of the major Valkyrie generals participating in the war. At the start of the war, he was only allied with the forces of Ullar and current heir to Ekstrom, but later, during the Swarm of the Marro, he forged an alliance with Vydar, Einar, and Aquilla, to protect their homeworld. Jandar was the one who received the revelation of Utgar's true intentions, and he is also aware of the true number of wellsprings on Valhalla, approximately 15 in all. He receives his visions of warriors who are courageous and are full of valor, and in order not to pollute the time stream, he only summons them right before their doom.

His armies consist of mostly men from various Earth eras, and occasionally some magical creatures, such as Nilfheim the Icarian Ice Dragon King. He also enlists the help of the Omnicrons, the Soulborg freedom fighters from the world of Alpha Prime. His homeworld army consists of the Sentinels of Jandar, Nastralund's elite guard, and the Dzu-Teh, protectors of the frozen Thaelenk Tundra.

Jandar's Army

Human - WWII GIs

Soldier: Sgt. Drake Alexander (2 versions)

Solder: The Airborne Elite

Human - Highlanders

Champions: Alastair MacDirk

Warriors: MacDirk Warriors

Human - Minutemen

Soldiers: 4th Massachusetts Line

Patriots: Samuel Brown (unreleased promo figure)

Human - Vikings

Champions: Finn, Eldgrim, Thorgrim

Warriors: Tarn Viking Warriors

Human - Knights

Knights: Knights of Weston, Sir Dupuis, Templar Cavalry

Champions: Sir Gilbert, Sir Denrick

Human - Lawmen

Lawmen: Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan

Human - Ninja

Ninja: Kumiko


Hunters: Dzu-Teh


Warriors: Raelin (2 versions), Kelda, Concan

Sentinels: Sentinels of Jandar

Soulborg - Omnicron

Scouts: Zetacron

Repulsors: Omnicron Repulsors

Snipers: Omnicron Snipers


King: Nilfheim

Wyrmlings: White Wyrmling


Constructs: Greater Ice Elemental, Air Elemental


Wizards: Erevan Sunshadow


Wardens: Eltahale

Figures with Special Abilities Against Jandar

  • Isamu: Dishonorable Attack:
    When attacking a figure who follows Jandar, Isamu rolls 2 additional attack dice.