The Knights of Weston were founded in the lands of Brittany in the late 15th century, to protect the providence of the weak against the tyranny of evil. This small chapter of knights abhors cowardice in all its form and lives by the Sanctity of Honor, a holy tome penned by their chapter master Sir Denrick of Weston. Within the tome you find a unique honor code, which doesn't just hold the knight to this code, but also his combatant. This code of honor is so zealously followed that they have been known to cut down those who would attempt to escape engaged combat, rather than see them lose greater honor by escaping.

The Knights of Weston were to meet their end at the Mouth of the River Lorie where they fought a hopeless battle against innumerable opponents. Thought destroyed at the hands of those who feared their power and sway with people of Brittany, the Knights of Weston were actually saved by the Valkyrie General Jandar and given the chance to secure their honor among the warriors of the planet Valhalla.


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 4
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 4
  • Point Value: 70
  • Figures Per Squad: 4


  • Human Champion Bonding:
    Before taking a turn with the Knights of Weston, you may first take a turn with any Human Champion you control.
  • A Coward's Reward:
    Knights of Weston roll one additional die against figures leaving an engagement with them.



The Knights of Weston are a unit that'll hold your opponent's figures down. Two (2) dice for leaving an engagement is a repercussion to be feared. Plus they can bond with a human champion such as Sir Denrick or Alastair MacDirk. This can be a powerful combo. Send Denrick or Hawthorne in to smash the big bad of their army, and use the knights to keep the rest of their army away from your champion.