The first thing that strikes Kyntela Gwyn’s foes is her beauty. It is a delicate radiance normally associated with princesses, not warriors. Underestimating Kyntela’s fighting skill has been the downfall of every foe she has faced. Kyntela Gwyn is a slight figure even for an Elf, but her courage to stand in the middle of a raging battle, shoulder to shoulder with other Elven warriors, has earned her supreme respect not given to many others.

Kyntela Gwyn comes from a large forest village known for towering oak trees that form a protective deterrence against all assaults. It is from the strength of the oak trees that she acquired her powerful aura that provides her Elven warriors the same protective defense in battle. Kyntela’s slight frame, however, can only absorb so much harm. It was Ullar who rescued her and brought her to Valhalla. He too was struck by her delicate beauty and courageous spirit.

Ullar brought Kyntela Gwyn to Valhalla knowing that she would become an indispensable part of his Elven Army. With the Strength of Oak aura, even the strongest of Elves are grateful for her added protection against destructive attacks that can only be encountered on Valhalla.


  • Life: 2
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 2
  • Point Value: 20


  • Strength of Oak Aura 1:
    All friendly Elves adjacent to Kyntela Gwyn add 1 to their defense dice.


  • Acolarh: Leaf of the Home Tree Aura
    As an Elf, Kyntela Gwyn may benefit from Acolarh’s Leaf of the Home Tree defense bonus.
  • Acolarh: Ullar’s Amulet
    As a follower of Ullar, Kyntela Gwyn may benefit from Acolarh’s Ullar's Amulet movement bonus.
  • Arkmer: Staff of Lerkin
    As an Elf, Kyntela Gwyn may aid Arkmer with his Staff of Lerkin defense enhancement.
  • Chardris: Fire Strike Special Attack
    As an Elf Wizard, Kyntela Gwyn may aid Chardris with his Fire Strike Special Attack.
  • Emirroon: Elven Summoning Spell
    As an Elf, Kyntela Gwyn may be summoned by Emirroon's Elven Summoning Spell ability.
  • Jorhdawn: Rain of Flame Special Attack
    As an Elf Wizard, Kyntela Gwyn may aid Jorhdawn with her Rain of Flame Special Attack.
  • Ulginesh: Mind Link
    As an Elf Wizard, Kyntela Gwyn may benefit from Ulginesh's Mind Link ability.


For twenty points, Kyntela is a cheap filler unit and a inexpensive alternate to Thorgrim if the majority of your army is elves anyway. The obvious strategy is to pair her up with high-defense Elven units - particularly the Warriors of Ashra - to make their defence even stronger. the best use of this unit is to use her in armies with Ulginesh. You can move a powerful elven wizard and then Gwyn to back the wizard up, or help protect your keypiece: Ulginesh.

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