Large Expansion Sets can be divided into two distinict groups. Giant Sets which included five large, typically double space, figures and Special Terrain Sets which included unique terrain or objects and often a set of figures.

Giant Sets

Giant Wave 1: Orm's Return

Heroes of Laur: Brunak, Charos, Deathwalker 8000, Dünd and Su-Bak-Na

Giant Wave 2: Raknar's Vision

Heroes of Lindesfarme: Braxas, Jotun, Major Q9, Nilfheim and Theracus,

Giant Wave 3: Aquilla's Alliance

Heroes of the Quagmire: Gurei-Oni, Sujoah, Wo-Sa-Ga, Zelrig and Zetacron

Special Terrain Sets

Terrain Set 1:

Road to the Forgotten Forest: Dumutef Guard

Terrain Set 2:

Volcarren Wasteland: Obsidian Guards

Terrain Set 3:

Thaelenk Tundra: Dzu-Teh

Terrain Set 4:

Ticalla Jungle: Fyorlag Spiders

Castle Sets

Castle Set 1:

Fortress of the Archkyrie: Fortress Door

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