Mariedians - The former inhabitants of Mariedian, now known as Alpha Prime, who were peaceful and highly intelligent, allowing arduous tasks to be completed by mechanical servants known as the Robota, and having no severe problems such as conquest, famine, war, or political strife. When a scientist refused to part away with his deceased son, he studied deep into dark science to preserve the soul of his son within the metal body of a Robota, granting him a second chance. Giving Robota free agency through equipping them with a soul was that Mariedian's mistake, for he consigned his race to oppresion and loss of their noble cities to the beings impervious to physical needs such as sleep and food, and a will to rebel due to years of servitude. The Soulborg were born, no longer mindless, pre-programmed machines, but living, thinking, rational creatures. They forced all Mariedians to slave labor and concentration life at the prison planet Isadora. Some maintain a resistance force, driven deep underground, who refuse, like their oppressors, to live for coerced labor.

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