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  • Life: 1
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Points: 50
  • Figures Per Squad: 3


  • Cell Divide:
    When a Marro Divider you control receives one or more wounds from a Normal or Special Attack by an opponent's figure, you may roll the 20-sided die before removing that figure. If you roll a 17 or higher, ignore any wounds that figure just received and, if possible, place one of your previously destroyed Marro Dividers on a same-level space adjacent to the defending Marro Divider.
  • Self Replicating:
    Marro Hive cannot rebirth Marro Dividers with its Marro Rebirth special power.


  • Marro Hive: Hive Mind
    As a Medium Common Marro Squad, Marro Dividers may benefit from Marro Hive’s Hive Mind ability.
  • Su-Bak-Na: Hive Supremacy
    As members of the Marro species, Marro Dividers may benefit from Su-Bak-Na’s Hive Supremacy ability.
  • Tul-Bak-Ra: Teleport Reinforcements
    As members of the Marro species, Marro Dividers are compatible with Tul-Bak-Ra's Teleport Reinforcements summoning ability.

Revoked Synergy

  • Marro Hive: Marro Rebirth
    Although the Marro Dividers are a common Marro Squad, their Self-Replicating ability makes them incompatible with the Marro Hive's Marro Rebirth ability.

Behind the Game

  • Can I Cell Divide Without Replicating?
    May I roll for Cell Divide if none of my Marro Dividers have been destroyed and I cannot replicate one?
    Yes. According to the wording on the card, a successful roll for Cell Divide means the defending figure takes no wounds and "if possible" a previously-destroyed Divider may be placed adjacent to the defending Divider. This means that if it is not possible to place another Divider adjacent, either because there isn't space or because no Dividers have yet been destroyed, the defending Divider may still be saved any damage from the attack.
  • Cell Divide & Area-Attacks
    If a Marro Divider is the target of an area-attack (such as Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan's Shotgun Blast) and that Divider rolls successfully for Cell Divide, is the newly-cloned Divider also affected by the area-attack?
    No. A newly-cloned figure would not be affected by the attack.

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