This is a list of Master Sets that have been released.

Master Set 1: Rise of the Valkyrie

Jandar: Airborne Elite, Finn the Viking Champion, Raelin the Kyrie Warrior, Sgt. Drake Alexander, Tarn Viking Warriors and Thorgrim the Viking Champion

Ullar: Syvarris and Elite Onyx Vipers*

Vydar: Agent Carr and Krav Maga Agents

Einar: Izumi Samurai

Utgar: Deathwalker 9000, Grimnak, Marro Warriors, Mimring, Ne-Gok-Sa and Zettian Guards

  • Elite Onyx Vipers were special free promo squad included in only some of the sets sold by Wal-Mart.

Master Set 2: Swarm of the Marro

Jandar: Raelin the Kyrie Warrior and Sgt. Drake Alexander

Ullar: Sonlen

Vydar: Major Q10

Einar: Shiori

Utgar: Marro Drudge (x2), Marro Hive, Marrden Nagrubs (x2), Marro Stingers (x2) and Tor-Kul-Na