No official bio was released for this unit.


  • Squad of: 2 Units
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 4
  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Point Value: 65


  • Poison Cloud
    When a Mezzodemon Warmonger attacks a Common figure, add 1 to its attack value.
  • Exoskeleton
    At the start of the game, place 1 copper Exoskeleton marker on a Mezzodemon Warmongers Army Card for each Mezzodemon Warmonger figure in your Army. After a Mezzodemon Warmonger rolls defense dice against a normal attack, you may remove 1 Exoskeleton marker from its Army Card to ignore all wounds inflicted by that attack.

Behind The Game

The original figures from the D&D miniatures game are Mezzodemon, 4/60 from Demonweb 11/08, and Mezzoloth, 41/60 from Blood War 11/06.[1]

For further discussion of this unit, see The Book of Mezzodemon Warmongers on Heroscapers.


The more of these you draft, the better. Using poison cloud, you can take down moderate squad figures, but where their power really lies is their exoskeletons. Using these, if you have two or three squads of these, you can take down high attack figures such as Shurrak with ease, because if your Warmonger would die, they can just disregard the attack. Beware of figures that can attack multiple times, or all figures around them, like the Ogre Warhulk, because they'll eat away at your exoskeletons faster. For 65 points, these figures are powerhouses.

In Jexik's classification, the Mezzodemon Warmongers are a Menacer unit.[2]


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  2. What's in an Order Marker?

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