There is no official bio released for this unit


  • Life: 4
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 1
  • Attack: 4
  • Defense: 4
  • Point Value: 100


  • Psionic Blast Special Attack:
    Range 3 Attack 3. This Mind Flayer Mastermind does not need clear line of sight to attack with Psionic Blast Special Attack. If a figure recieves 1 or more wounds from Psionic Blast Special Attack, remove one unrevealed order marker at random from that figure's Army Card (or cards if your opponent has more than one Common card for that figure).
  • Enslave 17:
    When revealing an order marker on this Mind Flayer Mastermind, after taking this Mind Flayer Mastermind's turn, you may choose any Unique Hero figure within 4 clear sight spaces of this Mind Flayer Mastermind. Roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 17 or higher, take temporary control of the chosen Hero and immediately take a turn with that Hero. At the end of that turn, control of the chosen Hero returns to its previous owner. All order markers that were on the figure's Army Card will stay on the Army Card. Enslave does not affect Mindflayers.


Mind flayer

A Mind Flayer Mastermind

This guy is an interesting use of 100 points. Use the psionic blast attack whenever you can. It knocks an order marker off when you do damage with it plus it gives you range. Also ALWAYS use the enslave 17 because it gives you a chance to take a turn with another hero. Such as your opponents strongest hero, Tandros Kreel, Shurrak, or Moltenclaw. The possibilities are endless. Not just your opponents but ally's heroes and even your own. AFTER you take a turn with this guy. When that power is pulled off it is two order markers for the price of one and can change the game. To recap this guy is a useful wild card. He doesn't always work but when he does it's always useful.

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