A minion is a follower devoted to serve his or her master relentlessly. They are loyals servants of another, usually more powerful, being. Often the word carries with it a negative association, as minions are often employed by evil masters. A main reason for this is that minions are completely dedicated to their master, and this is rare to find among the forces of evil, so evil warlords and others in power will make sure to surround themselves with as many minions as they can, to enforce their rule unquestioningly and to defend them with their lives against other less trustworthy servants of the evil lords. Minions serve as henchmen, guards, and enforcers. They do not think, but follow orders willingly and are totally devoted to their masters. They usually share the same characteristics as their master; thus, a cruel and sadistic warlord will be surrounded by minions nearly as cruel as himself.

Minions in Valhalla

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