Moltenclaw's Invasion is also known as D3, since it is the third small expansion wave based on the D&D franchise. The store description is as follows:

The hordes of evil must be stopped. Orcs, bugbears, demons, and frost giants! The hordes of the evil dragon Moltenclaw are summoned to the greatest battle of all time. Can Moltenclaw's invasion be stopped?

This wave is set to be released in November, and will introduce a new general with 4 army cards. This was the last Heroscape set ever released due to Wizards of the Coast discontinuing Heroscape.

The 4 sets are:

Heroes of Fallcrest

Icewind Scourge

Advocates of Annihilation

Bugbears and Orcs

New news:

  • The Death Knights of Valkrill have been revealed!! Valkrill's colors are silver rust and olive drab.
  • Eltahale, Siege, Evar Scarcarver, and Master of the Hunt are completely new, unreleased sculpts made just for Heroscape.

Eltahale tease

Death Knights and Eltahale

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