The once magnificent Montfre Manor is the base of operations in Vydar's kingdom in Anund. Its architecture is crumbling, a result to the abandonment of a once vibrant populace. There are no guards, no generals and no workers, only what seems to be a select group of watchers that guide those that are granted permisson to enter.

The entire manor is symbolic of Anund's decay due to the Marro infestation, and Vydar sits on his throne brooding, awaiting the day of his vengeance.

However, the Montfre Manor's fallen state hides Vydar's true secret; he has found access to the Valhallan underground city in the Underdark.

Beneath the Montfre Manor, as discovered by Beldun and Thormun on their diplomactic quest, is a massive network of tunnels that is being constructed by Soulborg artificers. Here is where his army is kept, granting him access to all of Valhalla by its expansive carverns.

This is the description of the underground Montfre Manor network by Thormun:

"Forward we go down, down, down for what seems like an eternity, until we take our last right turn and see the tunnel open up into a huge, pillared, underground hall. Despite its massive size, the hall is well-lit by the same mysterious red glow that lights the passageway. Many exits line the walls here. A flurry of activity in and out of the arched passages all around allow us to go unnoticed, standing in the shadow of our, seemingly unused, entryway.

The sound of a thousand metal feet clanging against the stone floor reverberates off the great hall as a battalion of Soulborgs marches through the center of the hall and file out of one of the larger passageways, the Soulborgs are the most abundant of all the soldiers here, but there are also quite a few humans from earth. They walk in small groups or alone, hurried about their business. The hall here seems to be but a convergent point in a great underground city.

The left side of the hall is particularly noisy, what looks to be specialized Soulborgs, drill and dig and carry away mounds of dirt from a newly forming tunnel. There’s no telling how long Vydar has worked here in secret, how massive this underground complex is, and how many places and where at it leads to the surface. But one thing is certain: Vydar holds more secrets than any of us could have guessed."

-Inscribed by Thormun of Tealeron

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