No biography has been officially released within the Heroscape continuity.


  • Life: 1
  • Move: 5
  • Range: 7
  • Attack: 1
  • Defense: 3
  • Points: 40
  • Figures Per Squad: 3


  • Circuitry Overload:
    After moving and before attacking, you must roll the 20 sided die once for each Soulborg figure adjacent to any Omnicron Repulsors you control. If the figure is a squad figure and you roll a 13 or higher, destroy that figure. If the figure is a Hero figure and you roll a 16 or higher, that figure receives a wound. Omicron Repulsors are not affected by Circuitry Overload.
  • Targeting Beacon:
    When attacking a non-adjacent figure, all Soulborgs you control who follow Jandar add 1 extra die to their attack if at least one Omnicron Repulsor is adjacent to the defending figure.
  • EMP Response:
    If an Omnicron Repulsor you control successfully defends an attack by a Soulborg figure, you must roll the 20 sided die. If you roll a 14 or higher, the attacking figure must immediately end its turn and all order markers must be removed from its Army Card (or cards if your opponent has more than one).


  • Targeting Beacon:
    As Soulborgs who follow Jandar, Omnicron Snipers and Zetacron may benefit from the Omnicron Repulsors' Targeting Beacon.
  • Sir Gilbert: Jandar’s Dispatch
    As a Squad that follows Jandar, the Omnicron Repulsors may benefit from Sir Gilbert's Jandar’s Dispatch ability.

Behind the Game

Omnicron Repulsors are the only small figures in Heroscape that do not have "X2/X3 Climb" ability. They are also the only small figures in the game with range.

  • Circuitry Overload: Does Circuitry Overload harm my own Soulborgs or a teammates'?
    Yes, Circuitry Overload effects ALL Soulborgs adjacent to any Repulsors (except the Repulsors themselves of course). Placing them strategically in to the battlefield is key when using these little guys.
  • Targeting Beacon: If one Omnicron Repulsor is adjacent to an enemy figure, do all my other non-adjacent Repulsors benefit from Targeting Beacon if they attack that enemy figure?
    Yes, as Soulborgs who follow Jandar, fellow Repulsors may benefit from each others Targeting Beacon.


These cheap figures are essentially the best way to defeat large Soulborg heroes (Major Q9 in particular) as well as large groups of squads (such as Gladiatrons or Deathreavers, etc). All you have to do to destroy Deathwalker 9000  is place a Repulsor next to him and roll a 16 or higher. By placing a Repulsor next to a figure, other Repulsors, Omnicron Snipers, and Zetacron will all become stronger. While your opponent cannot move this figure without breaking engagement (disengaging figures excluded), you can pelt away with Zetacron's and the Sniper's deadly shot, which can do massive damage easily. If the enemy's figure just so happens to be a Soulborg and tries to destory the engaging Repulsor, EMP Response activates, your opponent must stop and loses all turns on that figure, so if an opposing Major Q10 messes up once, he might get frozen for a few turns. This will make your opponent rethink their strategy.

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