The Order of the Crimson Sigil, also known as the Nine, was an order of elven wizards, located on the planet Feylund. They were (at least some of them) summoned to Valhalla by Ullar. There are only five members confirmed in character bios. They were apparently on a mission to guard the Dire Stone from the Anubian Wolves. From their bios it appears that Princess Kyntela Gwyn was riding Theracus to take the Dire Stone somewhere not specified. Theracus was dragged to the earth by werewolves, and the Order went to Kyntela's defense. The Order was then surrounded by the Anubians, led by Khosumet the Darklord. In the ensuing battle, every werewolf that was struck vanished, presumably saved by Utgar. The same happened to each of the wizards in turn, ending with Chardris, who managed to hit Khosumet (who vanished) before disappearing himself.



It was originally also known as The Eight, until Chardris sired the Ninth. The identity of the ninth Elven Wizard was never revealed.

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