AlphaPrime Isadora Marr

Planets in Heroscape refer to the astronomical objects that house the multiple species and individuals brought into the Battle of All Time. From the continuity published by Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast, the Battle of All Time included individuals from 10 different planets. It is not defined if all of them exist within the same universe, but the only ones to have a definitive cosmology that separates them from the others are the worlds of Toril and Eberron, as it is explained in the expanded cosmology that they dwell in crystal spheres. Several units bear features that are considered exclusive to Earth, but due to the fact no ties have been made to the worlds outside of the Battle of All Time, it is best to consider each world other than Toril or Eberron (since they share the same universe) within their own spacetime. 

The planets in the Heroscape continuity

  • Earth: Humans from different parts of Earth's timeline are featured in the Heroscape continuity.
  • Grut: The Grut Orc species are exclusively from this planet.
  • Isadora: Prison world (probably moon) on which the Soulborgs keep surviving Mariedians prisoner. The Mariedians were once the dominant species of Alpha Prime.
  • Marr: Home to the insidious Marro and their genetic slave animal-race, the Wulsinu. Home to the Primadons species. Also the home the Vipers and their onetime enslavers, the Raptorians. Marr is now engulfed in a war for dominance between the Marro and Vipers.

The planets in the Heroscape Marvel continuity 

In the short-lived Heroscape Marvel series, planets mentioned in the content of the units released are referring to the depiction of the specific planet in the Marvel continuity. 

  • Earth: The Earth origin for the heroes and villains of Heroscape Marvel is referring to the Earth-616 continuity where most of the Marvel stories originate. Abomination, Captain America, Doctor Doom, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Red Skull, and Spider-Man are from this version of Earth.
  • Planet of the Symbiotes: Venom is the lone representative of this world. Heroscape Marvel seems to refer to the symbiote itself rather than Eddie Brock, its host.
  • Titan, a moon of Saturn: Thanos is from the Eternal colony that exists on this moon.
  • Zenn-La: Original planet of the Silver Surfer before it was destroyed by Galactus.