An army card's point value comes into play while choosing your army and when figuring out scores at the end of the game.

At the start of a game or at any point you receive reinforcements, you are given a set amount of points, which is treated like cash, with every figure/squad being worth a set price. While some figures are more expensive than others, they are often better than others. When building an army, the values of figures is especially important, particularly in tournaments.

Choosing Your Army

When picking an army, you may either draft or use a pre-made army. Whichever way you choose, you must create an army of a certain number of points, depending on the scenario.


At the end of the pre set number of rounds, if there is no victor, then the player with the most number of points left on the battlefield wins. Partially destroyed squads still count as the whole point value. When placing destroyed common figures on an army card, you must fill up that whole army card before moving onto the next one.

Figures by Point Value

HeroScape Heroes

10 Points: IsamuOtonashi

20 Points: Kyntela GwynMarcu Esenwein

25 Points: Dumutef GuardSwog Rider

30 Points:  Eldgrim the Viking ChampionGuilty McCreech

40 Points: Theracus

45 Points: Sonya Esenwein

50 Points: ArkmerBrave ArrowIskra EsenweinMe-Burq-SaNerak

60 Points: Deadeye DanShioriZetacronSamuel Brown

65 Points: Johnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan

75 Points: James MurphyKhosumet the Darklord

80 Points: Concan the Kyrie WarriorEmirroonKumikoKelda the Kyrie WarriorRaelin the Kyrie WarriorSaylind the Kyrie WarriorFinn the Viking ChampionThorgrim the Viking Champion

90 Points: Atlaga the Kyrie WarriorChardrisCrixusEmpress KiovaNe-Gok-SaParmenioRetiariusSir HawthorneWarden 816

100 Points: Agent CarrDeathwalker 7000Gurei-OniJorhdawnMajor X17Marcus Decimus GallusMorsbaneOrnakSir DenrickSyvarrisTornak

105 Points: Sir Gilbert

110 Points: AcolarhAlastair MacDirkBrunakDündLaglorMigol IronwillMorikoNinjas of the Northern Wind, Sgt. Drake Alexander (Rise of the Valkyrie)Valguard

120 Points: Agent SkahenGrimnakKaemon AwaKrugRaelin the Kyrie WarriorRunaVenoc Warlord

130 Points: Deathwalker 8000Hatamoto TaroKee-Mo-ShiTul-Bak-Ra

135 Points: Wo-Sa-Ga

140 Points: Deathwalker 9000Master Win Chiu WooSudema

150 Points: Cyprien EsenweinMajor Q10MimringSir DupuisUlginesh

160 Points: Marro HiveSonlenSu-Bak-Na

170 Points: Sgt. Drake Alexander (Swarm of the Marro)

180 Points: Major Q9Taelord the Kyrie Warrior

185 Points: NilfheimSujoahZelrig

200 Points: Kato KatsuroSpartacus

210 Points: BraxasCharos

220 Points: Tor-Kul-Na

225 Points: Jotun

HeroScape Squads

30 Points: Marrden Nagrubs

40 Points: Arrow GrutsAshigaru SpearmenBlade GrutsDeathreaversFyorlag SpidersOmnicron Repulsors Venoc Vipers

50 Points: Marro DividersMarro DronesMarro DrudgeMarro WarriorsRechets of BogdanRoman LegionnairesSacred BandTarn Viking WarriorsWarriors of Ashra

55 Points: Roman Archers

60 Points: Ashigaru RiflemenBlastatronsIzumi SamuraiMarro StingersZombies of Morindan

65 Points: Armoc VipersTagawa Samurai Archers

70 Points: 4th Massachusetts LineAubrien ArchersThe Axegrinders of Burning ForgeCapuan Gladiators,  Heavy GrutsKnights of WestonMohican River TribeZettian Guards

75 Points: 10th Regiment of FootAnubian WolvesDzu-Teh

80 Points: GladiatronsMacDirk WarriorsShaolin MonksWolves of Badru

90 Points: GorillinatorsMarrden Hounds

100 Points: DeathstalkersElite Onyx VipersKozuke SamuraiKrav Maga AgentsMicrocorp AgentsObsidian GuardsOmnicron SnipersShades of BleakwoodeGranite GuardiansQuasatch Hunters

110 Points: Airborne EliteMinions of UtgarNinjas of the Northern WindProtectors of UllarSentinels of Jandar

120 Points: Nakita AgentsTagawa SamuraiTemplar Cavalry

130 Points: Grok Riders

140 Points: Einar Imperium

Marvel Heroes

150 Points: Venom

160 Points: Spider-Man

190 Points: Red Skull

220 Points: Captain America

240 Points: Iron Man

245 Points: Doctor Doom

320 Points: AbominationSilver Surfer

360 Points: Thanos

370 Points: Incredible Hulk

DungeonScape Heroes

25 Points: Drow ChainfighterSahuagin Raider

30 Points: Air ElementalBlack WyrmlingRed WyrmlingWater ElementalWhite Wyrmling

35 Points: Blue WyrmlingEarth ElementalFire Elemental

60 Points: Darrak Ambershard

80 Points: Erevan SunshadowEstivara

90 Points: Brandis SkyhunterFeral TrollHeirloom

100 Points: Ana KarithonIron GolemMind Flayer MastermindPellothWyvernOgre Pulverizer

110 Points: Mika ConnourRhogar DragonspineSharwin WildbornEvar Scarcarver

120 Points: Fen HydraKurrok the ElementalistMogrimm ForgehammerTandros KreelTorinSiege

130 Points: Greater Ice Elemental

140 Points: Othkurik the Black DragonWerewolf LordFrost Giant of MorhEltahale

150 Points: Ogre Warhulk

160 Points: Shurrak

DungeonScape Squads

50 Points: Goblin Cutters

55 Points: Death Chasers of Thesk

60 Points: Greenscale WarriorsDeath Knights of Valkrill

65 Points: Mezzodemon Warmongers

70 Points: Deepwyrm DrowPhantom Knights

75 Points: Horned Skull Brutes

80 Points: Warforged Soldiers

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